The PhotoBooth

The heart of your event is the PhotoBooth! Goode Times PhotoBooth of Atlanta offers packages for your taste, style, and budget. The basic booth always includes an attendant, prints, social media sharing options, and fun photo props! This two hour value package is good in North and Central Georgia, Chattanooga, and Birmingham only! 

Designs for You

Do you have a theme or idea in mind? Goode Times PhotoBooth loves to bring your creativity to the event through design and pretty pics! There is a large online catalog of designs, backgrounds, fonts, and samples of events in the Gallery. The booth can also be branded and wrapped, which is ideal for companies, trade shows, conventions, conferences, and product/company promotions!

endless uses

The variables come down to time, design of the photo and the booth, backdrop, props, and event purpose. Additional PhotoBooths can be added, extra attendants can assist, and the possibilities you dream of are endless!


Your questions answered! As always, you can contact Goode Times PhotoBooth for more information!

That is easy! Call or text 770.521.1121, email [email protected], or click this link!

So many reasons spring to mind, and multiple blog posts have been written on the subject. They are FUN, and provide another form of entertainment! In the ages of TikTok, Instagram, and multiple social media services, it’s a fabulous way to “Brand Your Day”!  Guests receive a personal keepsake from your event, which will last much longer than a pen, jar of jelly, or the standard swag bag fare! A great PhotoBooth, like Atlanta’s Goode Times PhotoBooth, preserves memories both in printed form with on-site photo prints and with electronic prints! 

Goode Times PhotoBooth recommends a 10′ by 10′ area for the PhotoBooth. This allows room for a props table, a printer table, lighting and/or backdrops, the PhotoBooth, and room to stand in front of the PhotoBooth camera! Less space is possible, but hurts the ability to add props, set backdrops and lighting, and bring groups of people in front of the PhotoBooth camera. Of course, more space is always welcome!

The photoBooth does not like to drink. 🙂 It needs a sheltered area with a standard wall outlet and at least a 10′ x 10′ space.

The Goode Times PhotoBooth attendants handle the PhotoBooth for setup, breakdown/strike, managing the printer, and the basic booth operation. Goode Times PhotoBooth provides an experience, and can only keep the experience set to a fun, high standard by not renting to outside third parties or “loaning out” the booth.

Please feel free to schedule an appointment for a live demo, or look at the Goode Times Events Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube pages to see demos and the booth at actual events.

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